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Would you like to maximize the use of your Queuing System?

We have built a modern extensions (Applications) of Queuing System. Your work will become more efficient and your customers happier at the Check-In Point.

How Does It Work?
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How does it work?

The whole solution of QTCloud is in Hosting Centers, on Virtual Servers, reachable from the Internet.

For user satisfaction, our QTCloud platform is created for processing of heavy volume data with surprisingly fast speed.

On the QTCloud, our Queuing System communicates through intelligent solution, burdening your IT team to a minimum. For operating the Queuing System we don´t need any access to your intranet from the outside world. You need only the Internet.

How it works
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Tho whole solution of QTCloud combines several interconnected applications that can be run together or individually. That’s up to you what Apps would you like to use. We’ll build Custom Solution for you.

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Did we catch your interest with our QTCloud solution? Do you need more information? Please don’t hesitate to contact us by phone or through our Contact Form bellow. We’ll promptly answer all your questions you may have about our services, and send you a free estimate for your specific needs.

If you’re not sure that our QTCloud solution is for you, please contact us anyway, we’ll happily consult you.


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Our solution is ready for everyone. QTCloud is used by small companies and big corporates as well as Cities and Government Organizations.

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If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.
We’ll happily send you a free estimate.

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