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Reservation system

Reservation System is a web based Application, enables customers making a priority check-in at specific locations and times for services. After making reservation, customer receives a PIN for Priority Service.

We have built the App for easy friendly use with fast steps to order specific services. The App is fully responsive. The color design and logos are changeable for your convenience, or we can custom design it.

App’s web pages are linked to your domain address. E-mails are sent from or with your domain address. Reservation system is going to look like your own solution.


Our secure App contains statistics data. All statistics from all your stores are stored in one secure place. Using custom filters, you can easily analyze your data and make reports.

By receiving data from specific stores, you can compare different figures as Number of Check-In Customers, Waiting Times, and much more.

All data are generated into Tables and Graphs, those can be exported to PDF or CSV formats for further processing. You can also use our Reporting Tool that sends Ready Data to your E-mail.

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Central Application

This App brings you a variety of interesting marketing tools to better reach your customers. Use your Queuing System to offer more services. We enable you to manage all parts of the system that your customers use. It’s up to you how you use it.

Build playlists, manage playtimes and specify play locations. You’ll be able to monitor what playlists are playing and where.

You can edit Kiosk’s touch screens, change graphics, buttons and add commercials’ playlist. You can also manage the information printed on the paper ticket.

Mobile application

The App on your mobile phone works on android and iOS. You don’t have to log-in to manage your reservation and see the waiting time for services. It brings more features for registered customers such as e-ticket with a queue number and visiting history.

Without printing the paper ticket from a Kiosk, the E-ticket enables the customer to step right into the queue for service. The customer is notified on the phone.

The combination of the Mobile App and the Central App, enables you to communicate with your customer efficiently. You can send notifications right to the customer’s phone.

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Application for you management team enables an online management of your Queuing System. Get real time stats from each counter as waiting time, type of service and progress of service.

Besides monitoring, you can also change settings to optimize your services in low or high peak of demand. For example you can change service and/or counter, manage or block time manually, and much more.

Finally our App enables you to work with customers already in the queue. You can monitor your customers, change or cancel reservation, notify a customer and much more.

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